Quake Champions Game Guide

Super Shotgun

If you feel the enemy is close to death, consider switching to the Super Shotgun to finish them off. Dealing out high damage at close range may be easier than trying to hit a rocket on someone running away, or taking a risky Railgun shot.

Knowing your enemy’s health and armor can be critical to successful use of the Super Shotgun.

Vital Stats

Common Abbreviation SSG
Default Keybinds 3
Availability Pick-up Weapon
Damage per Second 120
Direct Damage 120
Damage per Pellet 10
Falloff Damage 1
Falloff Range 120 u
Number of Pellets 12
Rate of Fire 1000 ms
Knockback on Ground 2.5 per pellet
Knockback in Air 2.5 per pellet
Projectile Speed Instant (Hitscan)
Spread 950
Range Close
Max Range 2,000 u
Ammunition Type Shells
Starting Ammo 10
Max Ammo 25
First Appearance Quake 1