Quake Champions Game Guide


Power-ups are temporary bonuses to help you in the arena. Present in most modes, these powerful items can turn the tide of battle or secure a convincing victory, but they only appear in the match every two minutes, and once obtained you only have 30 seconds to make good use of them. 15 seconds before a power-up is available, players receive an incoming power-up warning. This means you and your team will need to position around the power-up location and fight for control before it becomes available. If you’re standing there too soon, you may become an unfortunate target, but if you make it there too late you may let it fall into enemy hands. Time your arrival carefully.

Each arena has at least one power-up location where either a Quad Damage or Pentagram of Protection can spawn.


Quad Quad Damage is one of Quake’s most iconic power-ups. When you pick up a Quad Damage, your weapons are supercharged dealing 4x damage. This can make any weapon seriously deadly, including your own rockets, so watch your fire and avoid rocket jumping whenever you have Quad Damage.


Protection The Pentagram of Protection casts a magical protective barrier around its carrier, reducing all damage they receive by 2/3 (67%). Unlike the Quad Damage, Protection's shield ensures that you can safely rocket jump throughout the arena, granting you more speed and mobility.
In Capture the Flag and Sacrifice, Protection can be a great offensive tool used to push into the enemy base and steal the flag or soul. Whether your team wishes to utilize a power-up for offense or defense, controlling the power-up room and securing the pick-up either secure your lead or trigger your comeback.