Quake Champions Game Guide

Super Nailgun

Although the Super Nailgun is perhaps the hardest weapon to use, treat it with respect as it boasts the highest rate of damage of all weapons in the Arena. As with the Nailgun, predicting your enemy’s movements is the only way to maximize your damage output.

Vital Stats

Common Abbreviation SNG
Default Keybinds 4
Availability Pick-up Weapon
Damage per Second 150
Direct Damage 15
Splash Damage 15
Rate of Fire 100 ms
Knockback on Ground 6
Knockback in Air 6
Knockback vs Self 28
Projectile Speed 2,000 ups
Projectile Radius 5.5 u
Ammunition Type Nails
Starting Ammo 100
Max Ammo 150
First Appearance Quake 1