Quake Champions Game Guide

Mega Health

Stay one step ahead of your opponent by controlling the Mega Health. When you pick up a Mega Health, four health containers will be restored, increasing your health by up to 100 points, including up to three containers (75 HP) above your max health.

Any additional health that the Mega Health grants you above your max health is temporary, and will slowly decay back to your max health. Make sure to use that extra health to play more aggressively.

Mega Health respawns every 30 seconds, so pay attention to the timer when you grab it to determine when the next one will be available.

Vital Stats

Bonus / Amount 100 HP
Heals Damage Over Time True
Initial Spawn Match Start
Respawn Time 30 sec
Visual Timer True, in Unranked
Has Floor Marker True
First Appearance Quake 1