Quake Champions Game Guide

Rocket Launcher

This is the Rocket Launcher. Most weapons require you to hit your opponents directly, but rockets explode when they hit anything, which can cause damage to nearby players, including you. While extremely common in direct encounters, being able to predict where an opponent might appear can give you the advantage in combat. Another great use for the rocket launcher is rocket jumping, an advanced movement technique that allows you to reach great heights for a surprise attacks or advanced level maneuvering.

Vital Stats

Common Abbreviation RL
Default Keybinds 6, Q
Availability Pick-up Weapon
Damage per Second 125
Direct Damage 100
Splash Damage 10-100
Rate of Fire 800 ms
Knockback on Ground 90
Knockback in Air 90
Knockback vs Self 120
Knockback Vertical Pop-up 24 u
Projectile Speed 1,000 ups
Projectile Radius 4 u
Ammunition Type Rockets
Starting Ammo 10
Max Ammo 25
First Appearance Quake 1