Quake Champions Game Guide


Challenges are various tasks that can be completed to award the player with large amounts of XP. These tasks can be simple, or they can truly test the player's skill. You can find the Challenges tab on the Main Menu navigation bar.

Starting Challenges

Several simple Starting Challenges are provided to the player when first beginning, which introduce the player to important game mechanics. Completing these will unlock further Challenge opportunities.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges can be found in the same place as Starting Challenges, once those have been completed. These are Challenges that you only have one day to complete, and are replaced the following day, so take advantage of the these while they are available! Daily Challenges can be seen when first starting the game.

It is also possible to re-roll a Challenge if you would like to try for a different one. This can be done once per day.

Weekly Challenges

With each new season, a fresh batch of Weekly Challenges are available. Each week, a new set of Challenges will be made available for player's to tackle. The awards provided are significant, and unlocking the Battle Pass will make twice as many Challenges available every week!

Event Challenges

Similar to Weekly Challenges, Event Challenges are limited-time offerings that are not tied to a season, but are for specific occasions. These are started by the developers and can last for any given amount of time, and can occur during events like QuakeCon. Keep your eyes open for announcements about upcoming Event Challenges!