Quake Champions Game Guide

Heavy Machinegun

The Heavy Machinegun has an increased firerate and damage over the starting variety, but the same properties still apply. Compared to the Lightning Gun, the spread on the HMG allows for a little more leniency in aiming in exchange for lower damage, but with the added ability of being able to return fire against champions at long range.

When an enemy is very low on health, you can choose to zoom in for slightly more damage per bullet in exchange for a lower rate of fire. The lower rate of fire may not be ideal for most encounters, but it is a great way to finish an opponent off.

Vital Stats

Common Abbreviation HMG
Default Keybinds 2
Availability Pick-up Weapon
Damage per Second 90
Direct Damage 9
Damage, while Zoomed 15
Rate of Fire 100 ms
Rate of Fire, Zoomed 150 ms
Knockback on Ground 7
Knockback in Air 7
Projectile Speed Instant (Hitscan)
Spread 0.01
Spread, Zoomed 0
Max Range 6,000 u
Ammunition Type Bullets
Starting Ammo 100
Max Ammo 150
First Appearance Quake Live