Quake Champions Game Guide


The Railgun rewards precision with high damage, and punishes carelessness with a long reload time. Do not use the Railgun in close combat, unless you are positive of the outcome, as missing will leave you vulnerable while the gun cools down. Deny your opponents crucial armor and powerups by taking aim from a distance with minimal chance of retribution.

Vital Stats

Common Abbreviation RG
Default Keybinds 8, R
Availability Pick-up Weapon
Damage per Second 60
Direct Damage 90
Rate of Fire 1500 ms
Knockback on Ground 60
Knockback in Air 60
Projectile Speed Instant (Hitscan)
Max Range 6,000 u
Ammunition Type (Uranium) Slugs
Starting Ammo 10
Max Ammo 10
First Appearance Quake 2