Quake Champions Game Guide


The starting Shotgun only has one barrel, compared to the double-barreled version you will find in the arena. Shotguns are typically close range, and this one is no exception. Do not run out into open areas while looking for something better, and take advantage of its single shot nature by popping out around corners.

Vital Stats

Common Abbreviation SG
Default Keybinds 3
Availability Starting Weapon
Damage per Second 80
Direct Damage 80
Damage per Pellet 4
Number of Pellets 20
Rate of Fire 1000 ms
Knockback on Ground 2 per pellet
Knockback in Air 2 per pellet
Projectile Speed Instant (Hitscan)
Spread 800 u
Max Range 2,000 u
Starting Ammo 10
Max Ammo 25
First Appearance Quake 1